Five trailers that promise wild rides at the cinema

Noah movieI love a great trailer. Enticing, exciting and satisfying, these little screen gems set up our expectations for the film to come. They titillate, excitate and, sometimes, aggravate.  A really good one even adds to the spirit of the film.

Often they’re a disguise for a botch job too… you can always tell the caliber of a comedy from the quality of the jokes they’ll let go in the trailer, right?

So, here are five recent trailers I’ve enjoyed.

They’ve gotten me excited enough to put their film’s release dates in my calendar and seek out more info on the productions. One of them is less a trailer and more a sneak peek, but it amounts to the same thing – delicious, delicious intrigue.

Noah (Directed by Darren Aronofsky, due March 27)

I’m a sucker for religious epics re-imagined and who better to take a psychological mallet to the mucky old tale of Noah and the end of the world than Aronofsky? I can’t help but anticipate great things, and a little anxiety at how he’ll portray Noah’s canonical booze fueled descent into incest when the waters recede. Yikes.

Frank (Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, due some time in 2014)

Micheal Fassbender in a doll helmet for two hours. Um, OK? I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m almost 100% certain this film is going to be amazing. And weird. And amazing.

The Babadook (Directed by Jennifer Kent, due some time this year)

What is it about kids stuff that makes it so creepy in the right… wrong… context? This Aussie spine chiller looks like it’ll pack the creepiest of kiddie wallops. It’s also beautiful looking. Kent’s better known as an actor in OZ, so it’ll be interesting to see what she does with this horror.

The Monuments Men (Directed by George Clooney, due March 17)

I love a good caper. This one looks sure to thrill and spill – tears that is. Clooney, who directs and writes this one, cements himself as the Pater Familias of heist films and Matt Damon is Matt Damon. BRING IT ON.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Directed by Wes Anderson , due April 10)

Oh Wes, don’t ever change. This little stay-over in Eastern Europe looks like Anderson’s magnum opus, more stylised and stylish than anything he’s ever done. I cannot wait.

So which trailers have grabbed you attention lately?

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