Drew Barrymore rocks the Crocs

I don’t want to alarm anyone but Drew Barrymore has designed a line of Crocs shoes and they’re not totally awful.

Y’all knew that already, I know, because Drew has been a Croc ambassador since 2016. But I just discovered that she didn’t just slap her name on a bright green pair of plastic clogs and go cash her cheque.

She also made these adorable slides that I need.


Are they too damned cute or what?

A Girl gets dressed Alone At Night
First look at the Assassin’s fashions
FASHION: Luke Skywalker robes up 

Unfortunately, Drew’s line is almost on the way out, there are only a few sizes left in the adult shoes. But I managed to snag myself a pair of the chevron slides, like the ones below.


The other foot says “VE”. Love it!

Drew and a host of other celebs got lured aboard the crocs train back in 2016 in a desperate bid by the company to rescue the shoe everyone loves to hate. (Jon Cena was also on the team, and they even had Balenciaga design a pair of heeled Crocs that I don’t hate.)

But will it be enough to save the brand? I dunno. I just know that certain celebs can just about sell me another in Drew Barrymore is one of those celebs.

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