Top Gun 2 trailer: I feel the need, the need for this film right now!

I’ll just leave this her, because holy Goddamn, how good does this look?!

When the first film came out, five trillion years ago, I was so hooked on it, I thought I would sign up for the Navy and become a pilot.

Luckily for me, the New Zealand Navy barely has any ships, let alone fight jets, so that plan was a wash out. I dodged a bullet (probably literally).


I still love to loathe to love everything about the bombastic 80s bravado of the original film, and if the trailer here is anything to go by, there’s more of that to come.

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“You should be at least a two-star admiral by now… and yet here you are, Captain,” says a wry Ed Harris’s Naval commander. “Why is that?”

Cut to a cocksure Tom Cruise as Cap. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell: “Well, sir, it’s one of life’s mysteries.”

But of course it’s not really one of life’s mysteries because we all know THE GUY JUST WANTS TO FLY AND BUZZ THE TOWER WITHOUT PERMISSION. Why won’t the Navy just let him live up to his call sign? Sheesh.

Look, I know it’s really not the time, in the current political climate, to make popular heroes out of people who’s commander in chief is a Giant Orange Cheeto with no morals and a boner for playing the hardman, globally, but if anyone can make it OK to try, it’s Tom Cruise.

I want Maverick to buck the system from within. I want him dropping down on the Ruskies at 3gs and giving them the bird. But above all, I want that 30 minute behind the scenes featurette about how The Cruisinator learned to fly a goddamn F16 just so he could do that one stunt in this film, because y’all know that shit is coming any day now. The guy is insane.

Anyway, I’m all in for Top Gun 2. What do y’all think?

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