Rosie Betzler’s red lips were a defiant ‘up yours’

Kiwi director and star Taika Waititi’s anti-racism satire JOJO RABBIT is likely in the running for a Best Picture nomination at this year’s Oscars. At the very least a couple of its stars should also get nominations.

First among them should be Scarlett Johansson for her sensitive, heart-string-tugging portrayal of a mother trying to maintain her child’s humanity in an environment that demands inhumanity: Nazi Germany.

Scarlett Johansson as Rosie Betzler in Jojo Rabbit.

Frankly, she’s frikken amazing in Jojo – I mean, I love the hell out of my mum, but if I had to swap her out for someone, it’d be ScarJo’s relentlessly, defiantly optimistic, Rosie Betzler.


Far and away my favourite character in the film, Rosie is bold, brave, principled and kind, she was also hilarious. No spoilers, but she had to be in the face of all that horror.

Seriously, fuck Nazis. All of them, everywhere, everywhen.

Waititi’s anti-racism film is highly stylised. It has the effect of making it feel quite stagey, but also timeless. Everything looks gorgeous, too, Wes Anderson’s stagey, meticulously crafted sets are an obvious influence.

That extends to the character wardrobes and makes up with Rosie’s look more whimsical, up beat and stylish than and black, red and military grey of the Nazi uniforms the rest of the cast is in

The look they gave her was classic German 30s chic and she wore it so well – cap sleeved cardigans, t-bar heels, wide legged pants, and a bright, delightful raspberry lip that was just captivating.

I’m not going to write much more about her look, because it’s already shallow enough to be focussing on how she looked in a film with the themes JOJO has. But I was captivated by that lip colour, for me it came to symbolise Rosie’s tenacious grip on pre-Nazi life and optimistic focus on a Nazi free future.

I had to hunt something like it out, this is what I found:

REVLON: Raspberry bite 745
Sadly discontinued, this looks like the closest match for the bright, blue-based raspberry-tinted red ScarJo wears in the film.

BOBBY BROWN: Old Hollywood
A close second, this classic blue-based red could be a match, with a pink-ish lip liner. With a name like that, it’s clearly meant to have a 30s vibe.

NARS: Satin lip pencil in Majella
Hot, sweet, berry-licious, this is an all day everyday colour, perfect for giving facists the kiss off with.

KAJA: Satin Sheets
This slash of red slick loveliness is another all-dayer. The better to tell jerks to go take a flying jump with.

Let me know if you’ve found a better colour to capture the spirit of Rosie Betzler. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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