vintage_cinema_sign_1024x1024Welcome to my little leopard print confessional – a brain-dumping, heart-thumping, fist-pumping, rooftop-yelling, skirt-swishing, knees-upping, toe-tapping, fan-screaming, thought-sharing blog about the good stuff.

It’s curated by me, Kylie Klein Nixon, a writer, blogger, producer of films, lover of Hardcore, gore-wrangler, bike rider and fangirl who loves film, food and Wellington. A lot.

This is where I log my creative pursuits and hobbies, such as boiling up buckets of fake blood and figuring out how to make a guy’s chest explode, and where I pimp out my work as a freelance editor, copywriter and arty type. I post about my favourite shows, places I’ve travelled, places I’d like to travel, interiors, dresses, lipstick and horror movies that have made me sick to my stomach.

You want your work edited? I’m your girl.  Want content for your site?  Call me  Want to chat about Teen Wolf for four solid hours? I am ready to hear you.  Hit me up.


This is the rating system I use:

★ Not my cup of tea
★★ Just bearable
★★★ Well done
★★★★ Outstanding
★★★★★ A heartbreaking work of staggering genius

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