Book club!

I’m planning to read one of these old fashion paper thingies a month and write about it.

I’ll be choosing from books to do with film-making, novels that have been made into films, novels about films, film guides and the like.

If you have suggestions of books we could read, drop me a line.  I’ll make a list and post it here as soon as I can.

I’ll post a monthly update here, and when I’ve posted about it there’ll be a link to the review and you can add your thoughts in the comments.

This month’s book is:

Stunning mondo style cover by CloserInternal on Diviant Art
Stunning cover by CloserInternal on Deviant Art

I loved the 1984 David Lynch adaptation of this book with such a burning passion I must have watched it about 20 times when we got it on videotape, recorded from the telly.

I’d carefully edited out the ads and it wasn’t until years later that I released how much had been cut out by the then puritanical TVNZ, even though it had aired at 5 million o’clock or something.

As much as I loved the film I was reluctant to read the book. I don’t know why, because I had a well thumbed copy of Frank Herbert’s short stories by the bed, and I enjoyed his organic, irreverent style.

So I’m rectifying that knowledge gap now, 30 years later. What will I make of Paul Muad’ Dib and my beloved Bene Gesserit sisters now?

I’ll post about the book some time in September. come join the conversation when I do.

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