REVIEW: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Fangs for the memories (★★★★ Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour) What do you get if you cross Persian sexual politics with 80s style, the French New Wave and classic vampire films? An absolute masterpiece that shouldn’t work, but somehow does. With acute comic book sensibilities and a fresh eye – unbelievably, this polished gem is Amirpour’s … More REVIEW: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night


Marvel’s little film is a big success (★★★★ Directed by Peyton Reed) Ants are amazing little creatures. Creative, industrious and strong, yet all but invisible – it’s hardly surprising that one of Marvel Comics’ superheroes would draw his powers from little old Lasius niger, the black garden ant. One of the first Avengers, Ant-Man is the latest Super … More REVIEW: Ant-Man

REVIEW: Cinderella

One for hopeless romantics and 8-year-olds (★★★★ Directed by Kenneth Branagh.) Loathe though I am to admit it, I might just be a little too hard-hearted to really enjoy this new version of Cinderella. Fair enough too, since director Kenneth Branagh’s target audience is at least half (OK, an eighth) of my age, which is … More REVIEW: Cinderella

REVIEW: Divergent

Warrior woman loses the battle (★★ Directed by Robert Schwentke. With so few female-lead action films around, and having been pleasantly surprised by the first film in the series, I looked forward to Insurgent, part 2 of the Divergent trilogy, with some anticipation. Sadly – because it’s always sad when potential is squandered – this … More REVIEW: Divergent

REVIEW: Cuban Fury

Comedy joy knee-skids into the cinema (★★★ Directed by James Griffiths) Gentle comedies with hearts of gold are few and far between these days. If it’s not the slightly surreal make-believe of Ron Burgundy, it’s the cringe-worthy antics of Bad Grandpa. Sure they get the laughs and the wry nods, but where’s the joy? Apparently it’s … More REVIEW: Cuban Fury

REVIEW: Pompeii

Not worth the visit (★, Directed by Paul W S Anderson)   If the criteria for cinema greatness was based entirely on how ridiculously cute and heartstring-pullingly pouty your leading man was then disaster-in-a-toga movie Pompeii would get five stars and all the Oscars going. Sadly for Pompeii’s star Kit Harington (gladiator slave Milo) and … More REVIEW: Pompeii