Marvel’s little film is a big success (★★★★ Directed by Peyton Reed) Ants are amazing little creatures. Creative, industrious and strong, yet all but invisible – it’s hardly surprising that one of Marvel Comics’ superheroes would draw his powers from little old Lasius niger, the black garden ant. One of the first Avengers, Ant-Man is the latest Super … More REVIEW: Ant-Man

FILM: Monster mash

Human stories have always been at the heart of disaster films, but a recent release questions whether humans deserve heroic status next to mighty monsters. Hollywood likes to play fast and loose with our irrational fears in its big budget blockbusters. In the 1990s it was asteroids (Armageddon, Deep Impact) and aliens (Independence Day). In … More FILM: Monster mash

CULTURE: Temple of Movies

I adore The Embassy cinema in Wellington. Such a beauty, a real Temple of Movies. I particularly love finding little gems like this brass seat plaque. Tonight my seat for Ant-Man is sponsored care of Sir Ian McKellan. Thank you, Mr The Grey. I’ve had some of my favourite film experiences here in the Embassy.

REVIEW: Cinderella

One for hopeless romantics and 8-year-olds (★★★★ Directed by Kenneth Branagh.) Loathe though I am to admit it, I might just be a little too hard-hearted to really enjoy this new version of Cinderella. Fair enough too, since director Kenneth Branagh’s target audience is at least half (OK, an eighth) of my age, which is … More REVIEW: Cinderella

FILM: Mechanical family

From the ancient legend of lady-maker Pygmalion, to 80s classics The Terminator and Blade Runner with it’s ‘‘more human than human’’ killing machines, artificial people, have titillated and terrified us in equal measure. Robots can be anything from comic sidekicks to apocalyptic threats, often telling us more about what it means to be human than to … More FILM: Mechanical family

REVIEW: Divergent

Warrior woman loses the battle (★★ Directed by Robert Schwentke. With so few female-lead action films around, and having been pleasantly surprised by the first film in the series, I looked forward to Insurgent, part 2 of the Divergent trilogy, with some anticipation. Sadly – because it’s always sad when potential is squandered – this … More REVIEW: Divergent


The best thing about traveling by yourself is you can pretty much do what ever you want, when you want. Want to lie in your hotel room, sweating in the 30+ degree heat like the only wildebeest at a lion convention, do it. Want to race to the corniest tourist trap in Hollywood (aka Mel’s … More TRAVEL: LA LA Land