REVIEW: Pompeii

Not worth the visit (★, Directed by Paul W S Anderson)   If the criteria for cinema greatness was based entirely on how ridiculously cute and heartstring-pullingly pouty your leading man was then disaster-in-a-toga movie Pompeii would get five stars and all the Oscars going. Sadly for Pompeii’s star Kit Harington (gladiator slave Milo) and … More REVIEW: Pompeii

REVIEW: Carrie (2013)

 Shoddy remake not work the cellulose it was printed on. ( ★ Directed by Kimberly Peirce.) The Steven King novel, Carrie, and the 1976 Brian De Palma film based on it, were wonderfully chilling takes on the horrors of burgeoning adulthood in the fish bowl of high school. Given that being a teenager is so much more fraught … More REVIEW: Carrie (2013)

3 second review: About Time

Two hours you will never get back. Meandering, self-indulgent, pointlessly saccharine and obnoxiously trite, About Time is surely the death knell for Richard Curtis’s (Notting Hill, Love Actually) brand of white-boy-centric, navel-gazingly twee rom-coms. PS, Dick, top tip: when your hero uses a secret advantage to learn things about his love interest, end her relationship … More 3 second review: About Time