REVIEW: Cinderella

One for hopeless romantics and 8-year-olds (★★★★ Directed by Kenneth Branagh.) Loathe though I am to admit it, I might just be a little too hard-hearted to really enjoy this new version of Cinderella. Fair enough too, since director Kenneth Branagh’s target audience is at least half (OK, an eighth) of my age, which is … More REVIEW: Cinderella

PREVIEW: Oscars 2014

Today’s the day! Oscar is in the building. George C Scott once called it  a “two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons”. But what would that guy know?  Last week my mate Andy dreamed I won the Oscar for Best Actress. So I’m totes down with tonight’s meat parade!  Tell Joan Rivers … More PREVIEW: Oscars 2014

Five trailers that promise wild rides at the cinema

I love a great trailer. Enticing, exciting and satisfying, these little screen gems set up our expectations for the film to come. They titillate, excitate and, sometimes, aggravate.  A really good one even adds to the spirit of the film. Often they’re a disguise for a botch job too… you can always tell the caliber of a … More Five trailers that promise wild rides at the cinema

Living legend takes on legendary play

3SR: A Streetcar Named Desire comes to a glorious stop at Fisherman’s Wharf. Give everyone in this film an Oscar immediately. Blue JasmineStarring: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay. Written and directed by Woody Allen.Comedy, drama. 1hr 38mins. M for offensive language.**** Two American classics collide in Blue Jasmine, Woody … More Living legend takes on legendary play