James McAvoy

Three Second Review: Filth

Filth (2013, Directed by Jon S. Baird) ★★★★ Based on the relentlessly grotty novel by Irving Welsh, Filth earns its title (and it’s R18 sticker) in every imaginable way. Following the unscrupulous fortunes and lascivious passions of rotten Edinburgh cop Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy), you’ll see things you cannot unsee. And possibly need a hot […]


American justice

3SR: Attention to detail undercuts the drama in a period piece that demands the truth. Starring James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Tom wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood. Screenplay by James Solomon and Gregory Bernstein. Directed by Robert Redford. 122 minutes. Rated M for violence. ***1/2 In Hollywood, history is a crapshoot where any shred of […]